Have you ever wanted to buy hand cut paper art pictures, but thought they were too expensive? Well its your lucky day, Grey has a few very beautiful pieces left, and they are 40-60% off.

The picture you see to the right is now $98. The only way to truly appreciate these artworks is to visit Nee-Hai Bonsai and see firsthand the beauty of the intricate cuts and colorful layers of paper.

NeeHai Bonsai has a great deal on a great tool for your Bonsai needs.
A Bonsai enthusiast knows the value of a good set of Bonsai scissors. The strength and
sharpness of the blade make all the difference in pruning your delicate little tree. For $9.98 you can take home a great pair of Bonsai scissors for a great deal.
Available now at Nee-Hai Bonsai.
(Contact Grey for any questions you may have or purchase options.)